I want to extend your career! I perform a very rigorous and structured form of bodywork combining elements of Martial Arts and Yoga to promote healing, break up scar tissue and prevent injury. Improving your posture by emphasizing joint freedom and flexibility is a great way to add years of  enjoyment to your career. Athletes, Veterans, Hair Stylists and even graphic designers will greatly benefit from this work. By combining Yoga postures that strengthen specific muscle groups with gentle stretches and pressure point therapy from the martial arts, we can unlock holding patterns that may be keeping you from enjoying the freedom of movement you deserve.

I have over 10,000 hours of hands-on experience working with Yogis, Fighters and Construction workers and trained with many of today’s top professionals.

“A Happy Warrior is a Lethal Warrior!”

-Michael Perry

Martial Artist, Master Body worker, and Certified Yoga Instructor