chopping tree poseA Rigorous Physical Discipline:
As a traditional school, the holistic cultivation of the student takes precedence over the achievement of solely physical skill. The physical nature of Yoga is the method or vehicle to achieve self-awareness, discipline and strength of character. The training therefore becomes a set of attainments associated with mental discipline and physical prowess. It involves poise and skilled movements. These reflect a frame of mind, a philosophy of life and a mode of communication. Although expressive and dynamic on a physical level, consistent practice of Yoga cultivates a sense of inner peace and compassion within the psyche. This mental and physical union present a balance in which the student’s potential as an individual can be brought to fruition.

Hatha Yoga has its roots in Martial Arts. Being the physical conditioning aspect of many ancient warrior arts, whether Spiritual or Pragmatic. As is common among warriors, many of these combatants go on to renounce their fighting ways yet retain the healthy benefits of their physical practice.

“Effort and Intelligence evolve the Yogi, transforming limitations into possibilities!”-2147483092


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