No more excuses for not being “flexible enough.”

What do you get when you combine 28 years of martial art and yoga practice?

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This 5 session wellness program is a combination of gentle stretches, breathing technique and pressure point therapy. It will have you well on your way to graceful movement and better posture. This is a great addition to athletic training and will prevent injury while expediting recovery.

I have over ten thousand hours of experience working with athletes, fighters and yogis. My direct personal experience as an athlete, teacher and coach, gives me an edge when it comes to reading the body. Each and every session is unique and personalized.

You may experience the following side effects:

Proper Body alignment
Reduced stress
Stronger Digestion
Increased Awareness of bodily functions
Faster recovery from workouts
Improved function of muscles, joints and organs
An overall increase in energy and focus

You set the pace.
Contact me directly to discuss if this work is right for you.

e-mail with any questions (all inquiries are kept confidential)

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